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Debt counseling in Essen

At the end of 2017, one in eight people in Essen had so much money worries that, according to the credit rating agency of the credit agency Creditreform, it was considered to be over-indebted – despite job growth and declining unemployment. The city in North Rhine-Westphalia is in questions of over-indebtedness in the midfield of the Ruhr. After Duisburg and Dortmund , Essen is one of the countries with the highest debtor share compared to German cities. In other words, 67,631 adult Essenes were considered to be over-indebted in December 2017. These people can turn to a debt counseling service in Essen .

Debt counseling centers in Essen

debt counseling Contact possibilities
Diakonie Germany – Haus Bruderhilfe Debtor and bankruptcy advice Essen
Söllingstr. 106
45127 food
Telephone: 0201 – 85 68 80
E-Mail: [email protected]


Schuldnerhilfe Essen gGmbH Debtor help food
Horse Market 5
45127 food
Telephone: 0201 – 82 72 60
E-Mail: [email protected]


Consumer Central Debt Counseling NRW Essen Consumer Advice Center Essen
Hollestr. 1
45127 food
Telephone: 0201 – 64 95 74 -01


Who offers insolvency and debt counseling in Essen?

People who can not find a way out of the debt trap? alone can get help from various counseling centers . In Essen, debt counseling is offered by various institutions. Public or non-profit institutions offer debt counseling in Essen free of charge . This includes z. Eg the Diakonie.

Other providers are also advising on debt reduction and insolvency . However, you should check carefully whether the consultation costs money . If so, allow the consultant to break down and explain all costs before the actual consultation. Clarify with him in advance, whether the corresponding debt counseling in Essen legal advice is included .

What does over-indebtedness mean and what causes lead to the debt trap?

According to Creditreform, there are five main reasons for over-indebtedness or insolvency :

  • unemployment
  • illness
  • divorce
  • Uneconomic housekeeping
  • Failed independence

According to Creditreform, the fact that the economic conditions in Essen are very good does not necessarily contradict the rather high level of over-indebtedness. There are many employees who earn their pay as a mini-jobber, temporary or part-time . These groups of people – especially young and old people as well as women – would have a higher risk of over-indebtedness. Rising living costs such as rent and electricity exacerbate this situation.

People in need should seek early help with a debt counseling in Essen. The counseling center staff help them improve their own financial situation through debt settlement. The advice is confidential so that those affected need not be afraid to disclose their problems.