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The UJA offers 46 titles for the next academic year with an increase of double degrees and international degrees

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Presentation of the academic offer of the UJA for the 2017-18 academic year. EUROPE PRESS

This has been highlighted by the rector, Juan Gómez, at the press conference to publicize this offer, with specialties distributed in all areas of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences (14), Arts and Humanities (five); Sciences (three), Health Sciences (three) and Engineering and Architecture (21).

“The offer of degrees from the University of Jaén maintains the necessary stability to serve its students and the demands of society, however, it is not an immobile offer and we are in the continuous search for improvements that may be a differential factor of quality in the training of our students, “he assured.

In that sense, facing the 2017-18 academic year, the growing offer of double international degrees and double degrees stands out. Specifically, the UJA has in its offer six international double degrees, in civil engineering, mechanical engineering and business administration, with different universities in Germany and the United Kingdom. As a novelty, the double international degree in Hispanic Philology is incorporated with the University of South Brittany (France).

With regard to the double Degrees, seven new double degrees are incorporated: Double Degree in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, in the Jaén and Linares campuses; Double Degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Chemical Engineering, Double Degree in Civil Engineering and Mining Technologies and Double Degree in Energy Resources and Industrial Chemical Engineering, in the Scientific-Technological Campus of Linares; Double Degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronic Engineering, Double Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, in the capital’s campus.

Regarding the number of places of new income, a total of 3,681 seats will be offered, as specified by the rector of the UJA, who has assessed that public prices remain identical to those of last year, with 12.62 euros per credit in first enrollment and 757.20 euros on average per course. “The degrees of the University of Jaén are thus maintained in the lowest range of public prices of university education in Spain,” he underlined.


Image result for diverseAs differential characteristics of the University of Jaén, Gómez has highlighted the offer of complementary training activities on issues such as languages, leadership or problem management that allow “students to complement the excellent specialized training they receive” in the grades “with additional training that it provides a differential curriculum, thus favoring their employability. “

As a novelty, 37 workshops and training activities are offered in this course on student representation, leadership and motivation of work teams, equality, and culture. “The UJA is making an important effort to encourage and expand these complementary activities, adapting them to the needs of the students, the employers and the specificities of the centers and degrees, converting this complementary cross-training into one of its hallmarks”, indicated.

Gómez has also influenced the “strong commitment” of the UJA with the attention to students with specific educational support needs, covering not only special needs for physical, cognitive or sensory difficulties, but those students with high abilities , developing with singular attention programs for these groups. It has also referred to support for students with economic difficulties through the Urgent Social Aid Program.


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To disseminate this offer of Degree and Double Degree, the University of Jaén has launched a promotional campaign that highlights “the offer of quality, alive and in constant transformation” in a “modern and dynamic” UJA, that joins the same time closeness and internationalization, and that is strongly committed to society and its environment. “

In this line of closeness and dynamism, the image and the protagonism of this campaign has the ‘Generation UJA’: “The greatest asset that the University of Jaén has is its human capital, and the greatest guarantee, the nearly 55,000 university graduates who have chosen the UJA to train and specialize, “explained the rector.

The campaign focuses on deepening the concept of ‘Generación UJA’ and what it means for its members: living the university with enthusiasm and commitment, belonging to a large community concerned about their environment or training excellent professionals in values ​​and skills to face successfully the future.

“Having the ‘GEN UJA’, that is, facing the future with courage, with strength, without limits, implies living the ‘ERA UJA’, that is, living the moment taking advantage of all the opportunities offered to the University students; ‘Action’, activate in the UJA, showing a positive attitude, dynamic and oriented to the future, “said Gomez, not without thanking all the people who are part of the Generation UJA and especially, the more than hundred who have collaborated in this campaign.

Regarding the communication actions that will be carried out within the framework of this campaign, in addition to the traditional ones in the press, radio, television, web, social networks and outdoor advertising, a specific web space has been designed with the name estudiauja.uja. is, where will be lodged information of interest for the future students of the University of Jaén.